Gallery: Boeing’s Incredible Dreamlifter

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Boeing’s Large Cargo Freighter, also known as the Dreamlifter, is the primary means of transporting the wings, fuselage sections and other major assemblies of the 787 Dreamliner from Boeing’s global partners to the 787 final assembly sites in Everett, Wash., and North Charleston, S.C.

As 787 production increases, the four Dreamlifters in the fleet are crisscrossing the skies day and night — crucial players on Boeing’s Dream team. Recently, Boeing photographer Bob Ferguson captured what happens when a Large Cargo Freighter arrives in Everett with its valuable cargo. In this case, it carried the composite wings for the new 787-9. The wings for the 787-8 and 787-9 are manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Nagoya, Japan.

For photos and the complete story by James Wallace of Boeing, click here.

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