From the Same Zero?

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Mr. Pilkington’s letter in the June issue reminded me that a souvenir I have may be from that same Zero (“Classics,” February 2013). My brother, Lt. (jg.) John R. Shinneman of VF-10 made a courier flight to Aslito Field on 26 June 44 from Enterprise (CV-6) and brought back a Zero throttle handle (shown below with gun selector switch on the end of the handle), possibly from this same airplane. At the time, the Zero probably still resembled the photo on page 63 as the Marines were still clearing up the island. Could be! I have enjoyed your magazine for many years. It is top-notch.
Bill Shinneman

Wow! Now THAT’S a souvenir! No way to prove it came from that aircraft but it probably did. Very cool! —BD


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