William Wylam XP-67 Drawing

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Okay, so it’s not the Bat Plane, but when put in the context of its 1942 birth, the XP-67’s Buck Rogers appearance qualified it for Bat Plane status. See “One of a Kind” in the February 2013 issue to learn the full story behind the wild design and to get your own XP-67 plans as drawn by the legendary William Wylam,
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2 Responses to “William Wylam XP-67 Drawing”

  1. Walt Moore says:

    I really do enjoy this added feature to your excellent magazine. I download all of the plans and have been a fan of Wylam Plans since the 1950s. Flight Journals get read and saved here.

  2. Rod Hoskin says:

    I like this feature also but have only been able to get the XP-67 plans. Can a person get previous downloads, and how do you get tje latest?

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