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  1. eric Lechner says:

    Hi; my name is Eric Lechner I have built balsawood airplaines from childhood , now at age 42 I have a drafting table and all kinds of stuf for designing RC aircraft balsawood and composite gliders and gaspowerd. Also working with some new materials for airframe construction ideas.

  2. John Farrell says:

    I hoped to sign up but received a message saying that my name and e-mail address were already on record. Okay, fine. But how do I sign up? why the problem?

  3. James Snyder says:

    Jim Snyder
    It says I’m a member when signing in then wants me to enter another e-mail address. This is the second time trying to enter as to what is already free with my being a member already. Does anyone ever fix the problems?

    • Mike Harbour says:

      Good question, Jim; sorry you were having trouble. I’ll forward your note to someone who can help and we’ll go from there!

      Mike H.

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