Belle Geddes Midway Dioramas

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Life magazine, with the help of the USN, commissioned the construction of an incredible series of gigantic dioramas that illustrated the various events and phases of the Battle of Midway. While preparing Barrett Tillman’s exhaustive article on that operation in this issue, our own Stan Piet stumbled upon what appears to be the entire file of Bel Geddes photos. So, we put him to work arranging and captioning each so we could present them to our readers. It’s a fascinating, educational way to look at one of the most pivotal battles of WW II.
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2 Responses to “Belle Geddes Midway Dioramas”

  1. Bill Deane says:

    This is an amazing presentation of perhaps one of the most confusing and complex sea battles of WWII. Reading the histories of this battle over the days it took place, involving two time zones with some U.S. Navy ships’ logs on Hawaii time, and other U.S. ships logging related events in a different time zone, makes it difficult to follow. These images also clearly present actions that were never photographed and the would be a terrific addition to the published histories of the Battle of Midway–a turning point of the war in the Pacific.

  2. Battle of Midway 1942 - M14 Forum says:

    [...] is an excellent layout of one of the most complex naval battles ever fought.…/belle-geddes/ The images go by quickly, so use the [Pause] button to examine the ones that really interest [...]

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