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WWII Combo Pack 600x120

Another Good One!

What a cover, on the October issue!!!! Hose Nose coming right at us! Reminds me of when some one asked me “Where did you get that picture?!”… I said ..”Out of the windshield in my 150!” Hoo Boy!!!
Good issue! Barrett did it again and the article by Walt Boyne, about the B-47 is a very good first person recounting!
I was in the 305th Bomb Wing from ‘55 until ‘64 when I got out and went to the Reserves. Went from MacDill AFB, (‘55-‘59) with our ‘47’s up to Bunker Hill AFB, (now Grissom AFB, Peru, Indiana), then we got our B-58’s in ’60. I’ll have to send Walt a “thank you” note for good memories!
Bob Spielman
Thanks, Bob. 47’s and 58s huh? That’s soooo cool! BD

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 10:24 AM

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